365BinaryOptions Platform Compared To Other Platforms

Binary options trading has lowered many of the barriers to people all over the world, allowing them to finally take a more active role in the dynamic and rewarding fields of trade and investment. It means not having to live in a particular city to take advantage of the financial infrastructure, but, more importantly, it means not needing pre-existing wealth and vast sums of money in order to start trading and profiting.

Because of this, the influx of new traders over the last 10 years has been huge. So huge, in fact, that there simply weren’t enough existing binary options traders to handle the influx, which has required many new trading platforms to arise all over the world to service this new generation of high tech traders.

365 Binary Options is one of those trading platforms. So what do they offer to potential clients compared to some of the other services?

Mostly Global & Compliant

While 365 Binary Options does serve the world at large, it respects the international financial laws that prohibit service providers from taking on American clients. Unfortunately, this does mean if all your official identification lists you as an American citizen, 365 Binary Options will be unable to serve you. This is a very important point to note, and if you’re an American, you should seek other service providers to help your trading needs.

Aside from that however, other countries in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe are welcome to open accounts and begin trading at 365 Binary Options. 365 Binary Options is not officially regulated, meaning that it does not hold a license with any regulatory financial body. Having said that, however, 365 Binary Options remains compliant with international financial law. One example of this is in its policy to not accept American clients. In most other respects, clients will find that 365 Binary Options adheres to a strict ethical business code and that clients benefit from this.

Trading Software

365 Binary Options uses the TechFinancials trading software as its program of choice for clients. This is a very robust and flexible piece of software that is comparative in performance and security with other software. It also has the added convenience of existing as both a web-based program for desk and laptop computers, as well as having a mobile version that allows traders to carry on their trading activities on a phone, with an easy to use, mobile, touch-based interface.

One other advantage that the TechFinancials software gives to users is that it not only allows for binary options trading, but FOREX as well. This means that if you eventually decide you would like to try your hand at the conventional currency speculation market, you don’t have to go to a new service provider you can continue to use the same software and trading platform that you’re already familiar with for added convenience and security.

Extensive Educational Materials

365 Binary Options knows that people signing on for the service are coming from all walks of life and that not all of them will an extensive background in binary options trading, or even business fundamentals. There are many different resources that are available to traders at all stages of their trading career. For people that want reading materials, various articles and ebooks are available for consumption.

There are also instructional videos for people that prefer to consume video content to learn, and there are knowledgeable staff on hand to deal directly with clients in the form of webinars where groups may learn and interact together, as well as one-to-one individual mentoring sessions for people that want personal attention and the ability to engage directly with an experienced trader on specific questions and concerns. Not every trading platform attempts to educate clients on everything they need to know to trade successfully, but 365 Binary Options takes the time to make these resources available, and many of them are free of charge even to people that aren’t clients.

Secure Protection

Like the most reliable trading platforms, 365 Binary Options protects both the financial data and financial details of its clients. SSL encryption is a form of digital security that encodes information traveling on the Internet. In essence, it makes it so that information like a person’s financial transaction, or details about their account or credit card numbers can only be view by two sources; the person sending the information and the person receiving the information.

Without this type of encryption, hackers online can “peek” at communications from one point to the next and take any useful information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, and use them to their own end. SSL encryption ensures that 365 Binary Options clients get the full protection they deserve, and their important information remains untouched and unknown by outsiders. SSL encryption is a respected industry standard, and 365 Binary Options is committed to using it.

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