365 Binary Options Terms & Conditions

365 Binary Options Terms & Conditions

The world, in general, suffers from a lot of information overload. This is especially true in the world of services, where there’s a lot of “fine” or “small” print with a truly intimidating amount of legal information. Most people don’t read that fine print for understandable reasons. In many cases there’s simply too much to comfortably process and most of it isn’t truly relevant in the pragmatic sense. A company has to disclose this information in order to remain compliant with legal requirements, but in most cases, much of the information outlined in that small print, while mandatory, isn’t of much actual use to the public that uses these services.

This is also largely with the case with the “terms and conditions” page that many services are obligated to provide somewhere on their website. Terms and conditions keep users apprised of their consumer rights when they use a service, but can also be quite clear about what users CANNOT reasonably expect or demand when they sign on a service.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at the 365 Binary Options Terms and Conditions and dig out the most important points that the average customer should consider.

You’re In Charge

This is the biggest point that the terms and conditions point out. Trading in any capacity, whether it is stocks, bonds, commodities or currency pairs is about taking a risk with money. The terms and conditions for 365 Binary Options clearly advise people to actually study and be familiar with the way financial trading and market activity works before committing to a trade. The trading platform in this case, is merely a facilitator. While some 365 Binary Options staff may advise people on what trades to take, they cannot legally force anyone to make a trade.

This means that should you decide to take action and make a trade, you are solely responsible for the consequences. Should the trade not work in your favor, this is merely one of the “occupational hazards” that all traders face at some point in their professional lives. You must be prepared to accept responsibility for the decisions you make, and you can’t do that, binary options trading—and financial trading in general—is probably not recommended for you. No one can force you to put your money in a trade, in the end, it is your decision.

What Happens On Your Account Is Your Responsibility

365 Binary Options works under the assumption that the account you create is your own. It is up to you to actually control the access other people have to your account. If it should come to pass that a member of your household should gain access to the account and make trades, on it, 365 Binary Options cannot distinguish the difference between users and cannot reimburse for you trades made under the other person that gained access. Always make sure that your access details are closely guarded and that no one else can gain control of your account.

Information Is Only Current At The Time Of Printing

The old adage of knowledge being power is absolutely true in the world of finance, but the important qualifier here is that the knowledge is only valuable when it is current. 365 Binary Options, as with many trading platforms, tries to help its clients with arming themselves with useful information. Sometimes this comes in the form of staff advice, and other times it comes in the form of articles or other educational materials.

However, the information that is given, while accurate at the time, obviously cannot remain so. It’s important for traders to understand this, especially with regards to written materials that may be consulted months—or even years—after the article was written.

Gold, for example, has had a period of fluctuation this year. They may be articles available citing people to stay away from gold as a commodity because it had been relatively flat in terms of pricing, with not much potential for binary options profits. However, with the announcement of “Brexit” and the huge amounts of economic uncertainty it created, gold once again became a “refuge asset” for many people and both the price and demand for gold rose, making it a lucrative asset for binary options traders.

There Is No Charge For Transactions

One of the big advantages of binary options trading is that, unlike working with a normal stockbroker, there are no commissions and no service charges for the trades and other transactions that you conduct, unless, under extraordinary circumstances, both parties actually agree to administering some kind of charge. This is very important to remember. You should not ever be charged just for making a trade. That is not the way this system works, and 365 Binary Options adheres strictly to this policy.

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